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The toolkit consists of training courses specifically designed for women, women entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs-to-be to equip them with the necessary skills and competencies to establish, develop and run a business (digital entrepreneurship in rural setting, challenges and opportunities of female entrepreneurship, overcoming the bias in access to finance for female entrepreneurs, sharing economy opportunities and challenges for rural entrepreneurship). WIDE does not simply focus on enhancing entrepreneurial capacities, but it is aimed at accompanying the growth of female entrepreneurs to unlock female creativity and entrepreneurial potential.

Partners have envisioned 4 thematic areas around which develop innovative training and operational tools to provide tangible answers to specific capacity needs and skill gaps of women in rural areas:

a) Digital Entrepreneurship in rural setting

- Which web resources for self empowerment?
- Online Networking
- Effective use of ICT tools and apps
- ICT supported counselling

b) Female Entrepreneurship

- Why to start my own business?
- Women leadership
- From the idea to the market
- My home-based business

c) Access to Finance

- Fundamentals of finance (credit, debit, forms of debits: grant, loan, soft-loan, equity, etc)
- Access to non-grant finance for micro-enterprises
- EU support system to entrepreneurship
- Financial literacy for female entrepreneurs
- EU funding programmes/grants

d) Sharing economy

- Definition and background
- Benefits from sharing economy in rural areas
- Case studies and best practices
- Business opportunities