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Enterprise Ireland Action Plan for Women in Business
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Fund for supporting programmes, governmental support, competitive funds


The Enterprise Ireland Action Plan for Women in Business is a programme for support and funding tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs, promoted by the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises.

Within this Action Plan, the Enterprise Ireland has launched a €150,000 fund towards partial funding of the operating costs of tailored work programmes that address female entrepreneur capability gaps. The aim is to overcome some of the critical challenges faced by women entrepreneurs by supporting dedicated activities, including:

  1. Competitive funds to support female-led business teams;
  2. Identification and promotion of role models,
  3. Sponsorship of events and awards
  4. Supports existing and new networks
  5. Networking tools for women in business

Enterprise Ireland seeks proposals from suitable, experienced service providers who have the capability and vision, to deliver one or more programmes to support female entrepreneurship.

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