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Roxana- Larisa Haja – Entrepreneur , Cluj- Napoca County, Romania
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She was born in 1980, somewhere in a small commune in Bistrita-Nasaud County- Romania, in a family of teachers.

She attended primary and secondary school in the little commune, under the close supervision of her parents, who were teachers at school and parents at home, with a great desire to be both a good student and a happy child.

In her early 20s, she realized that she wanted new and exciting challenges , so she joined an advertising company, as a sales person.

The first desire to become an entrepreneur appeared in 2004, when she set up a company in partnership – the company’s activity being the publishing of advertising magazines, intended for foreign tourists and containing the promotion of the main tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants in Transylvania. The frenzy did not last long, because she did not have all the information, financial resources and maturity to develop this business, so she returned to the position of an employee in sales.

She has never found her place as an employee, and that’s because she always felt that she could do more and that her role in this life was not just the fulfillment of punctual tasks.
In 2012, 3 years after her little boy came into the world and because she was always caught between her job and the responsibilities of mother and wife, and finding that she spent a lot of time shopping instead of spending quality time with her family, the idea of the business that she and her team developed since then was born: Avantaj delivery – the first home shopping delivery service in Cluj-Napoca.

The direction of business development has changed in the meantime, focusing more on purchases / deliveries of products for companies (especially), to whom they deliver the necessary products to the office.

Business development has been progressive and slow, marked by challenges, both personal and professional.

In the most unbalanced period of her life, when she remained a single mother after her divorce(2015), she focused on the professional side and managed to further develop the small business by bringing in new customers, increasing sales on existing customers, increasing the team, driven by the desire to prove to her, first of all, that the terms entrepreneur - mother - single woman, go well together.

Professional activity has always been accompanied by participation in various courses of sales, marketing, emotional intelligence development, coaching and female leadership, of course!


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