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Traditional recipe, natural, homemade


Vesna Mladenović, from village Desimirovac near Kragujevac (Serbia), is one of many women who started the development of their own private business. Along the way, she encountered various challenges that she managed to overcome thanks to her great desire for success, but also the support she received. The taste of success for Vesna was fantastic, just like fruit juices and jams that are made according to a traditional recipe in her company Marella Natural.

Vesna was an administrative worker in a local company for years. With a modest income, she and her husband were raising four children. She found escape from the gray everyday life in her hobby - making 100% natural fruit juices for her family. When Vesna realized that her neighbours and friends liked her juices, she came up with the idea that making completely natural fruit juices had the potential to grow into something more.

At the beginning of 2017, Vesna decided to enter the world of entrepreneurship on her own. She bought the first fruit presses, hired a technologist who helped her get the highest quality products, and procured adequate packaging and the necessary labels. Her first products were three types of homemade 100% natural fruit juice. Slowly but surely, Vesna walked towards realizing her dream. She sold the first products in local stores. Gradually, Vesna expanded her production, so she started preparing jams and ajvar.

As a beginner in entrepreneurship, Vesna had a lot to learn. As an economist she had the knowledge that helped her to find her way in administrative work more easily, but also to explore new sources of financing for her business.

Vesna has never stopped pursuing her idea: "Our surroundings are exceptionally fertile and abound in good soil, so we have first class fruit. Since the quality of raw materials has always been my number one priority, I buy the fruit for jam production from local agricultural households.

Business characteristics:

  • Production area
  • A large assortment of products
  • High product quality
  • Good business cooperation with suppliers and customers

Main products:

  • 100% natural fruit juices (without added sugar and water) - different flavors
  • Syrups with whole fruits of fruits - more species
  • Sweet - more species
  • Jams - more species
  • Acid pasteurized program - more species
  • Preserved and conserved pepper for winter salat (ajvar, pinđur and ljutenica)

The products are represented in trade chains, retail stores and restaurants in Serbia



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