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Good Practices on Women leadership
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Leadership style, overall mission, effective leadership, trust, traits


 It's important to develop a leadership style that works for you, your personality and your values rather than trying to be someone else.

An important role of a leader is to provide a sense of direction to ensure everyone is aligned to the overall mission and pulling in the same direction.

People thrive in organizations where there is effective leadership. They will feel encouraged; involved; supported and developed.

Develop a strong sense of trust between you and those that work with you. If you want them to trust you, start by learning to have trust in them and their capabilities.

Your behavior is a function of your traits and the situation you are experiencing. As a leader you need to learn to adapt your behaviors to support the situation you are facing.

It may help to seek external and independent help in order to better understand your personality and behavioral profiles.

Before making any decisions you'll need to ensure you gather all the relevant facts that will inform your eventual decision.

Regularly review your performance at the end of meetings or after the completion of significant pieces of work. Work out how you could perform even better next time.

As well as looking for development opportunities, look for experiences that help you to learn more about yourself and your capabilities.

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