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Claudia Pilat – Entrepreneur in Tourism, Guesthouse. Christiana Island (insulachristiana.com), Cristian Village, Sibiu County- Romania
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guesthouse , commune, non- reimbursable funds


The story of the guesthouse Christiana Island, in Cristian commune, Sibiu County, began in 2009 when Claudia Pilate enrolled as beneficiary in the Rural-Manager project of the national Foundation of young managers – FNTM. This education and consultancy program was the start she needed to get the ambition to obtain non-reimbursable funds for the guesthouse she wanted, without having to call a consultancy company. The accommodation was completed in 2013 and has become more and more known, the requests for accommodation services increasing over the years, the occupancy rate reaching 60% in 2015, of which 70% were foreign tourists.

The entrepreneur was co-opted in 2010 in the FNTM local consultant team, where she started to draw up financing files for other beneficiaries, supporting them to study and prepare to run their own businesses. As a consultant, Claudia wrote and implemented both pension projects in rural areas and recreational activities projects, such as the entertainment park Transilvanaventura – Eco family Park or projects for the purchase of various equipment. Claudia Pilat believes in partnerships, associations and believes that small businesses can provide financial support to any family.

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