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Social Catering “El Avío”


Social entrepreneurship, catering, women, association


In 2010, in the rural area of Campo de Gibraltar, in the south of Spain, the Association "El Avío" was set up by 4 women at the beginning, with the aim of covering the needs of quality food at home in kindergartens and in the homes of dependent and elderly people in the area. Thus, that same year, the 4 women started to provide catering services to Early Childhood Education centres, as a non-profit catering company.

Years later, in 2013, the association was constituted as a women's association specifically for catering management, alleviating the workload traditionally associated with women while creating decent jobs, as some of the women working in the association were long-term unemployed and lacked specific training. The association hired a professional chef to train the women for the industrial kitchen, and little by little they progressed, increasing both the number of people they fed and the number of female workers on the staff. As a result, they now have 13 women cooking, delivering and administrative staff, who each day deliver more than 500 meals a day to children and 80 to the elderly, dependents and immigrants.

This case is a notable example of how rural women turned their role in society, which usually involves caring for children and elderly and dependent people, into a visible job through social entrepreneurship that not only contributes to the development of rural areas, but also improves the quality of life of rural women by offering them quality jobs and enabling new opportunities.

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