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WIDE - Test & Validation concluded and Guidelines for users available online

The WIDE Consortium has successfully piloted the four training modules and related resources developed during the first year of project’s implementation, to exhort and support women living in rural areas to create their own online business.

Each partner has reached representatives of the target group and stakeholders at local and national level to test the quality and relevance of the WIDE Training Toolkit and collect feedback. Participants expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the initiative and its concrete results, highlighting its practical approach and real-world relevance.

Encouraged by the success of the pilot sessions, partners committed to expanding the WIDE Training Toolkit to reach more women entrepreneurs in rural areas. For this purpose, the Consortium developed operational and straightforward Guidelines to support trainers and educators in the exploitation of the WIDE training resources. The document is now available online and, by leveraging on the WIDE project’s experience and lessons learnt, guides users through the following topics:

  • Training programme structure
  • Structuring training initiatives
  • Designing training curriculum
  • Recruitment and enrollment strategies
  • Attracting and enrolling participants
  • Effective classroom management
  • Managing training environments
  • Final recommendations
  • Optimizing training in diverse operational settings


WIDE – Women Integration through Digital Entrepreneurship – is a project co-funded by the EU Commission through the ErasmusPlus Programme. The initiative brings together 6 partners from 6 countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia). For more information on project WIDE, please visit:

WIDE Website https://wideproject.eu/index.php

WIDE Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100078760990250