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WIDE - IWS Networking and Dissemination Conference

WIDE - Women Integration Through Digital Entrepreneurship

Internet Web Solutions organised the Dissemination Conference in Málaga to launch the WIDE OER Platform to engage target groups, stakeholders and participants in the ecosystem of the digital entrepreneurship in Spain.

The ME was held on women’s day on 08/03/2023, an extremely significant date for WIDE project as its tangible results were presented to project to users, target groups and stakeholders to empower women and integrate them through digital entrepreneurship. The attendees were representatives of the technical staff of our associate ARRABAL who work daily on gender empowerment, women employment and social development. WIDE results were presented as relevant tools for women empowerment and integration. The ME covered all Project Results and involved an audience of 22 people instead of the 10 national attendees expected!

This ME was not a mere promotion event, rather a real exploitation effort aiming to mainstream WIDE and promote its adoption. The main purpose of the ME was in fact to present the WIDE Training on digital entrepreneurship for low skilled women, the concrete results of the implementation of the PR1, PR2 an PR3 and to demonstrate the impact, usability and transferability of WIDE. IWS also engaged the target group of WIDE to provide a first-hand experience of users.

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