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Nughedu Welcome – Social eating for rural development
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Sharing Economy, social eating, local development


Nughedu Santa Vittoria, in the heart of the Sardinia Region (IT), has been defined as a rural community with severe development problems, which is facing a critical phenomenon of depopulation.

The Nughedu Welcome project, which has today become a territorial brand, is an example of how sharing economy can address those issues. The project driven forward by a group of resident people, who gathered in a cultural association and underwent a hard training process for one year, brought to the creation of the “first social eating village of Italy”.

Nughedu Welcome consists of eight cooks and further staff members, who created a professionally structured offer, after facing many organizational, promotional, and communication difficulties. Today the project has a Facebook page and its own website through which it shares its initiatives, experiences, and its mission.

The initiative was supported by a food platform Gnammo, who allowed displaying homemade lunch or dinner meals, prepared by the members of the community with typical local products. After being posted on Gnammo, the product/service could finally be purchased online. At the end of the transaction, people received a coupon necessary to enjoy the experience on site.

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