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Association for Sustainable Development in Education

Established in 2011, the Association for Sustainable Development in Education (ADDE) is a non-profit organization, with a number of 60 members, teachers, trainers, public and private educational institution directors, inspectors, students, business environment, with headquarters in Bucharest, but with a rich activity at national and international level. Since 2011, the association designed and delivered trainings to adult learners – courses accredited either by the Ministry of Education or by the National Authority (with professional transferrable credits) for Qualifications (leading to nationally recognized certifications/qualifications), on topics such as:
• Integration of ICT tools within the educational process
• Effective communication and conflict mediation
• Computerized secretariat and managerial communication
• Public procurement
• Anti-bullying through education for democratic citizenships
• Use of interactive tools and methods in education

Both the members of the organization and the target groups they are addressing promote cultural diversity, multiculturality and social inclusion and values such as tolerance, non-discrimination, cultural diversity.

The purpose of ADDE is "to form human capital in accordance with current technological, economic, ecological, informational and moral demands in order to promote development for people and people as a prerequisite for sustainable development".

All ADDE activities converge towards the major objective - sustainable development, which cannot be achieved without a human resource prepared to overcome all present and future challenges and to act responsibly towards the next generations. Apart from training courses, the association is involved in activities such as:
• Collaboration with representatives of local administration and other institutions for the realization of educational projects and programs.
• Promoting and supporting the participation of the beneficiaries and members of the association as well as of other persons who work in the fields of interest of the association at scientific events (congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquiums, fairs, exhibitions, festivals, or other meetings), cultural, artistic in the country and abroad, in the fields of interest.
• Organizing cultural, artistic and scientific manifestations by which to discover and develop new talents by the members of the association and to be promoted
• Organizing sessions of scientific communications, symposia, contests, celebrations, concerts, festivals, etc.
• Initiation and participation in the organization of fairs and exhibitions.
• Participation in international festivals, fairs and exhibitions organized both in the country and abroad.
• Supporting actions to prevent and combat negative phenomena in society such as pollution of the environment, violence, alcohol consumption, drug use, human trafficking, etc.
• Accessing the European funds for educational projects, professional development and training.
The association aims to consolidate its status as a relevant actor in the development and social inclusion of young people, is an authorized provider of continuous professional training for adults for initiation, qualification and improvement programs. The association is recognized for its concerns in the field of developing its own human resources, partners, as well as those in the communities in which it operates. ADDE has developed and distributed manuals for accredited courses, methodologies, working procedures with internal and external environment, technical and financial regulations, standardized tools for managing social services and projects.
ADDE has a broad expertise in designing and delivering initial and continuous training courses for adults, trainers, AE and school staff, reaching several hundreds of learners every year.

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