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Regional Economic Development Agency for Šumadija and Pomoravlje (REDASP) represents a partnership of private, public and NGO sectors from two regions: Šumadija and Pomoravlje.
The Šumadija and Pomoravlje Region is located in the central part of Serbia with around 500.000 inhabitants. The proportion of population of Šumadija and Pomoravlje in the total population of the Republic of Serbia amounts to 7 %.
REDASP mission is to promote sustainable socio-economic development by building policies and stable network of key stakeholders: Serbian government, local authorities, universities, Chamber of Commerce, National Employment Service, associations of entrepreneurs, donors, NGO, media.
All priorities, areas of intervention and individual activities are targeted to create a positive environment for sustainable development. REDASP priority areas are: Support to entrepreneurship development, Support to human resources development, Local and regional strategic planning, Support to the territorial development (Rural development, Spatial planning as a precondition for investment attraction, Tourism development).
REDASP has significant experience in implementation of projects financed from national and international funds, including IPA Adriatic, SEE transnational cooperation program, Lifelong Learning Programme, etc.
In the 19 years of activity, REDASP participated in 65 projects of total value of more than 60 mil EUR, in 42 as project leader. Some of the implemented projects, mostly relevant to adult learning / human resource development/ professional orientation contributing to improvement of employability and economic growth.
REDASP has 15 employees in 4 departments:
1. The Department of Human Resource Development, Economy and Entrepreneurship and Rural
2. The Department for municipal, cross municipal and international cooperation
3. The In-Doc center
4. The Finance and Administrative Department
Apart from project development and management, the REDASP conducts and organize workshops and trainings such as How to Star up bussines, Marketing and Sell, Foreign Trade, Financial management, Business English, PC in business, Project cycle management etc., for the following target groups: potential and existing enterprises and entrepreneurs, unemployeed, NGOs, local self governments from the whole territory of the Region.
REDASP has organized around 700 education trainings and workshops that have been attended by more than 8000 trainees.
Through the Mobile PC classroom, the REDASP Indoc Centre has conducted basic PC trainings on the territory of all 13 municipalities of the region, for both employed in local administrations and unemployed target groups in order to promote employability skills.

Regarding development of Adult Learning and enhancing employability, REDASP participates in numerous national and international projects and support measures.
Department of Human Resource Development, Economy and Entrepreneurship and Rural promotes awareness and points to the significance of adult education. Relevant experience refers to participation in TEMPUS, Life Long Learning program and other projects targeting employment skills and professional development in partnership with the Regional Chamber of Commerce, University, Business Start-up Centre and Business Innovation Centre. One of the important activities is the participation in the project “Comparative Analysis of Regional Policies for adult learning - REGIONAL” (within LLL program) based on the need to identify and exploit key success factors to improve the effectiveness and impact of AL as planned and managed throughout Europe by Regions, with the overall objective of reducing the major geographic disparities that persist in educational opportunities and outcomes across and within EU regions.
REDASP has gained experience in the field of the development of women rural entrepreneurship thanks to the participation in the project "Improving the economic and social position of women in the rural areas of Sumadija and Kolubara districts" with the specific objective to develop models for supporting the economic and social empowerment of women already engaged in entrepreneurial activities such as providing rural tourism services, production of local food products and production of old craft products. The project has been funded by the Swiss government from 2017 to 2018.

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