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Integrarea Femeilor prin Antreprenoriat Digital

Platforma WIDE este menită să servească drept Comunitate Virtuală.

Implicarea partenerilor asociați este esențială pentru creșterea impactului și a valorii Proiectului WIDE. Partenerilor asociați li se va oferi, drept recompensă pentru angajamentul și contribuția lor, vizibilitate prin toate activitățile proiectului (în special în Diseminare), acces neintarziat la rezultatele proiectului și menționarea în Platforma OER.


Established in 1955, IAL is a VET provider and practitioners with more than 50 years of experience: in the last three years IAL FVG delivered VET services to an average of 10.000 students in the age bracket from 13 to 64. With more than 380 staff members employees, 8 training center an average turnover of 19 Ml EUR (18/19), IAL is the leading organization in the regional VET field. For that purpose, the institution is involved in training, research, guidance and advice in Friuli, Italy and even an EU level.

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ESSEI European Society for Social and Economic Integration

ESSEI asbl is a NGO based in Brussels established in 2016 by a group of practitioners in the field of International Relations, European Affairs and Social Sciences. ESSEI’s mission is to promote European integration through information, awareness and capacity building activities. To pursue its objective, ESSEI also carries out research and analysis of socio-economic trends influencing the process of European integration.

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Providing the best work experiences, training courses, workshops and seminars for students and adults, Tribeka is dedicated to bring value into every aspect of training and learning mobility. As partner of schools from all over Europe it has become the best and most successful Spanish work experience provider agency in the education sector. With a professional and committed team, Tribeka ensures consistency and quality, delivering world class services in a professional outstanding standard. As part of ETN International, Tribeka shares and contributes towards a clear vision about the powerful magic behind learning and training in an international environment.

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IT Solutions For All is a non-profit NGO that seeks training in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for those people who lack the necessary knowledge to function comfortably in the technological world in which we find ourselves. Information and communication technologies (ICT) sometimes referred to as news information and communication technologies (NICT) are a concept closely associated with computing. If the latter is understood as the set of resources, procedures and techniques used in the processing, storage and transmission of the information, this definition has been nuanced by ICTs, since, it is not enough to speak of a computer when referring to information processing. The Internet can be a part of that processing which may be carried out in a distributed and remote manner.

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The Asociación al Servicio de la Investigación y la Tecnologóa (ASIT) / Association for the Service of Research and Technology is a private non-profit association which designs and manages projects related to technology development and local levels since 1989. Since its foundation in 1989, ASIT has fostered the creation and development of numerous innovative business projects. ASIT has also directly managed funding programmes for technology infrastructure, business modernisation, etc.

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ARRABAL-AID is a social and non-profit organization. Our mission, FROM 1992, is to work for full employment and social integration of people, especially the most vulnerable, supporting them through measures and actions to impact on the social environment. We must take good care of all people and taking care of the quality we give in our services, making the person served leave our entity having satisfied their demand.

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